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Adamo Group implodes former AEP Muskingum Unit 5 Boiler

 On August 6th 2016, Adamo Group completed an implosion at the 12 story unit 5 boiler building at the Muskingum River Power Plant near Beverly Ohio.


At the former AEP owned plant, Unit 5 was capable of generating 615.2 Megawatts of electricity during peak operation. One megawatt is capable of serving approximately 1,000 houses so this particular unit represented roughly power to over 600,000 customers. The plant was shuttered in 2015 as part of AEP’s plan to reduce carbon emissions and one of 11 coal plants AEP closed.

The felling of the boiler building in Unit 5 went as planned at exactly 8 AM on Saturday morning and without incident. Despite exhaustive abatement and remediation, a small flare from coal dust was expected to burn off within a few seconds and did. Adamo Group was assisted by Pettigrew, Inc. who placed and executed the charges.

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