We own, operate, and maintain our own equipment.

That’s why we developed our own exclusive Equipment Maintenance and Management software. It’s a sophisticated system that not only tells us where our equipment is in real-time, but tracks every hour as each machine is used, allowing for timely maintenance of our fleet.

From the management display at our equipment maintenance HQ, we can locate any piece of Adamo equipment and any attachment, including pieces that are in transit. Tablet computers and laptops in the hands of every site supervisor allow for accurate current machine hours, facilitating meticulous, easily timed maintenance intervals.

Our equipment is maintained to manufacturers’ recommended specifications. This thorough history, as well as major repair information, is stored in the system for easy retrieval and review by management. Such comprehensive information is instrumental not only for timing preventive maintenance, but for analyzing the useful longevity of each piece of equipment. Our management team routinely analyzes the fleet to keep Adamo at the leading edge of its trade.

Uptime is everything in our business. With the very best equipment and state-of-the-art tracking and maintenance at our fingertips, Adamo’s uptime is unbeatable.

Featured Equipment

Caterpillar APEX 70 Ultra-High Demolition (UHD)


Precise demolition of tall buildings and structures, can work in congested areas, allows debris to fall straight down, enables operator to work with a 10,000lb attachment capable of cutting structural steel and concrete buildings at a 90 foot elevation.

Did you know?

Adamo uses state-of-the-art trucking technology to track the location of valuable reclaimed materials as it travels from the demolition site to the scrap yard.

Caterpillar 385 High Reach


Similar to APEX 70, for taller buildings, has a high reach up to 140’ with a demolition attachment that operates in a safe manner.

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Caterpillar 390


Caterpillar’s 390F L is built to keep our production numbers up and our owning and operating costs down while giving us all the power, fuel efficiency, and reliability Adamo needs to succeed.

Cat 374 track excavator


When the success of your business rests on tackling challenging applications in the toughest environments on earth, it pays to invest in equipment that’s up to the task. Adamo’s new Cat 374 track excavator provides the impressive strength, fuel efficiency and reliability to help boost production.