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OCC Highland Hall Update

This is what the landscape looks like today where Highland Hall, a building on Oakland Community College’s Highland Lake Campus in Waterford, stood just 5 months ago. Adamo Group began demolishing the 100,000 sq. ft., 3-story building in May to make way for a new park. More than 12,000 tons of brick, concrete, and metal… More

Adamo Group Begins Work at Packard Plant

Preliminary work began today on the site of the former Packard plant as a crane and trucks hauled off pieces that presented a safety threat, according to a person overseeing the project. “We have begun safety measures to remove reinforced concrete off the rooftops of several buildings that are hanging and are dangerous to the… More

'Care' Building Update

This is all that remains of the five-story Grand Circus Park building at 139 Bagley in Detroit. Adamo Group began demolition of the former ‘Care’ building less than 2 weeks ago.

Watch Demolition of Building Featured in Kid Rock Video

Adamo Group began demolition on Tuesday morning of a Detroit building featured in Kid Rock’s ‘Care’ video. The five-story Grand Circus Park building at 139 Bagley used to house the offices of AAA of Michigan from 1926 until it was damaged in a 2005 fire. Complete demolition and debris removal will take approximately three weeks…. More

Two New 8-Axle Trailers Added to Equipment Fleet

Adamo Group has just added two new 8-axle push out trailers to its extensive equipment fleet. The addition of the trailers will help Adamo meet the increased demand of demolition debris removal associated with the current and upcoming blight removal projects.

Metro Airport Hangar Demo

Adamo Group began demolition on Monday of Metro Airport Hangar 278/280 at Goddard Road, west of Middlebelt in Romulus, Michigan. The 65,000 sq. ft. structure, which was built in the late 1920s and operated as a hangar for approximately four decades, has been vacant for several years and was not restorable. Adamo is dismantling the… More

Americal Axle Trestle Removal

Adamo Group successfully completed the last piece of work at the American Axle Detroit Manufacturing Complex today with the removal of a 36,000 lb. utility trestle that crossed over an active railroad in Hamtramck. Due to the limited window of opportunity to perform work in the railroad right-of-way, the trestle was picked up in one… More

Sinkhole Repair Work

Read about Adamo Group’s sinkhole repair work (Detroit) as featured in MITA’s Cross-Section Magazine.

Recycling Reclaimed Timbers

This is one truckload of reclaimed lumber from the Ajax Materials Asphalt Terminal in Detroit. On May 27, Adamo Group began selective removal of 75,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space to make room for additional liquid asphalt storage tanks. 40,000 sq. ft. of the facility was constructed in the 1940s with large Douglas fir timber… More