Adamo Group employee Zack Berger has a big heart.  He heard about wildfires sweeping through parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas and immediately he knew he wanted to help.  Zack decided that he could donate feed for cattle in these areas to assist with recovery.  He asked his employer for help and Adamo Group answered the challenge.  Adamo Group donated use of their truck and fuel to assist with Zack’s efforts.

After reaching out through his network of friends throughout Michigan, he found others that wanted to join with his cause.  In short order, he organized a convoy of over 80 trucks traveling to Oklahoma with a delivery of emergency relief of feed and other supplies for farmers in need.  Zack’s efforts moved those around him along the way.  Some motorists were so touched that they bought fuel for some of the convoy of vehicles along the route.  Adamo Group salutes Zack Berger and his Oklahoma fire relief efforts.