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Change Is in the Air at the NDA

Not everyone embraces change, but when the National Demolition Association (NDA) knew its long-time executive director, Mike Taylor, was retiring, its board members sprang into action. It was proactive. A selection committee was formed to explore the management options available for the 800-plus member organization representing the demolition industry. The committee was determined to find the best solution for the organization, and as they started looking, it became clear that an association management firm was the way to go.

In October 2014, the NDA announced it had selected Smith Bucklin to take over management of the association. The headquarters of the NDA moved from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, to the District of Columbia with an additional office in Chicago. As part of that move, the NDA gained the expertise of the firm’s Cheryl Caulfield, who now serves as the new executive director, as well as a staff of 14, including a Director of Governmental Affairs, Kevin McKenney.

“In the short time since the transition we have already experienced some great positives in moving the NDA to the next level of performance and recognition,” NDA President Jeff Kroeker stated when I interviewed him in late January. “It was a move that is sure to benefit our members.”

That sentiment also is echoed by John Adamo of Detroit demolition firm Adamo Group. He was on the search committee that recommended Smith Bucklin. He told me when we talked in February, “I know that the object is to make the association bigger, better and stronger, and we hope with their help, their management skills and their association management expertise, they will bring it to a new level and a higher level.”

If the NDA is going to get the most from its new staff and executive director, it has to come from member support. Having members that are engaged, enthusiastic and eager to bring the industry forward will be key to Smith Bucklin’s success in representing the NDA. The staff of Construction & Demolition Recycling wishes them the best in this endeavor and for the future of the NDA as a whole.

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