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Adamo Receives NDA Environmental Excellence Award

Adamo has been a major part of the largest demolition effort funded by TARP Hardest Hit Funds. It was one of three contractors tasked with abating and demolishing up to 800 homes each in a short 90 day window in late summer of 2014. Adamo’s project was a success; in fact we completed our first nearly 600 locations assigned, completing the work faster than the agency was able to get them cleared for demolition. We increased our fleet and staff by over 15% and completed the work while simultaneously continuing our residential and commercial demolition projects with other City departments, completing over 1,100 structures in 9 months.

“What they did recently was remarkable, taking down 1300 homes with no environmental problems, no OSHA complaints. It’s an extraordinary company, doing extraordinary work. We’re really proud to be partnered with them,” stated City of Detroit Mayor, Mike Duggan.


Adamo increased their capacity several-fold to ensure public and environmental health and safety. This led to a flawless safety record, with no incidents or accidents for the duration of the project. And the work performed by Adamo Group was referred to by individuals in Washington D.C. as what should be ‘the national best practice.’