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Adamo Implodes Historic Park Ave Hotel

History is the chronicle of life-changing events. The strategic implosion of the long-abandoned Park Avenue Hotel on July 11, 2015 was a significant step in the ongoing growth and renewal of the City of Detroit. Just as the erection of this hotel tells part of Detroit’s storied history, its demolition will do the same.


The 13-story hotel, built in 1924, featured luxurious and innovative decor and was a great success until 1928, when it was taken over by the Salvation Army. The property continued to experience ups and downs over the next 87 years serving as a senior housing facility and eventually the Salvation Army’s Harbor Lights Center, a rehabilitation center for the homeless until it was eventually shuttered for good in 2003.


Using precision demolition techniques, Adamo Group together with Dykon Explosive Specialists strategically placed and discharged 200 pounds of linear shape charges to implode the former Park Avenue Hotel in approximately 17 seconds. Weeks of preparation work were required to accomplish this massive task while simultaneously preserving the nearby historic Eddystone Hotel located a mere 28 feet away.


Adamo President Richard Adamo, remained on-site monitoring all project tasks throughout the process and shared these thoughts:


“The safety and success of this implosion is a result of careful planning, communication from the entire Adamo project management and field teams, and the assistance of all local governmental agencies/officials. Barton Mallow Hunt White, along with the coordination through the Detroit Entertainment Events Center ownership also aided in the effective execution of this project”


When asked about the result of the implosion at the Park Avenue Hotel, John Adamo Jr., CEO of Adamo Group Inc. stated the following:  

“I am extremely proud of our entire team. They performed above and beyond to prepare and safely implement our work plan with the highest level of precision. The success of this implosion was no doubt the result of the tireless efforts engaged by the professionals working for us.”