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Adamo Group Announces Award from the World Demo Summit

The Adamo Group is pleased to announce its award at the World Demolition Summit 2018 held in Dublin Ireland.

Adamo Group was presented with the 2018 Award for Contract of the Year, US $1M and Over, at the World Demolition Awards in Dublin, Ireland.  Adamo Group was shortlisted from field of entries from all over the world as a finalist back in August 2018 for its work at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA.  Adamo Group was honored to share this distinction with the other shortlisted entries from companies in California, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The award ceremony seeks to find the “best of the best” demolition contractors from all over the world in 12 different categories.  Late on November 8th, 2018, before a crowd at the World Demolition Summit banquet dinner, Adamo Group was presented with the award.


A brief synapsis of the Georgia Dome project can be viewed below:

The Georgia Dome demolition presented many challenges from its downtown location, its close proximity to the Mercedes Benz Stadium (85′) and GWCC Convention Center (inches at some points), the MARTA subway transit system a mere 13’ to the south of the stadium, which also remained in operation at all times other than during the actual implosion, to the safest way to demolish the ring beam, which is 2,300′ long, 26′ wide and 5′ thick, expected to weigh approximately 30M+ pounds, and sat perched on pot bearings supported by the concrete columns of the superstructure.

Demolishing the columns conventionally would pose too great a risk of bringing down the ring beam in an uncontrolled manner.  That leaves demolition by implosion, but experts weighing in had differing opinions as to the safest method.

Adamo Demolition Co. chose Pettigrew, Inc. to develop the precise plans necessary to bring the ring down in a single implosion event, to avoid placing workers beneath the beam once it became compromised in any way.

The plans were put through finite element analysis by Thornton Tomasetti, the design engineer for the Georgia Dome’s original construction.  When deemed feasible by the analysis, those plans were put onto practice.

On Monday, November 20, 2017, the Georgia Dome was brought down in 15 seconds using 4,800 pounds of explosives, 6 miles of detonating cord and 1 mile of electric circuits.  In the next 100 days, Adamo recycled over 14,000 tons of steel and crushed and placed over 220,000 tons of concrete materials. 

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