GM Swartz Creek CCA Building Demolition

Gm Spo Facility, Swartz Creek

GM Swartz Creek CCA Building Demolition

Adamo is the General Contractor for this project which includes both total and selective demolition, as well as utility and construction work.  The former Administration Building was demolished and selective interior demolition was performed inside the active plant for the interior renovation and construction of new office space.

A new outside wall and entrance was built where the old administrative building once stood.

American Axle & Manufacturing

American Axle

American Axle & Manufacturing – Demolition of Detroit Manufacturing Complex

Adamo purchased the Detroit Manufacturing Complex, exclusive of the land, from American Axle & Manufacturing.  Adamo performed asset reclamation and demolition of the nearly 2M square foot complex, a project that included plant decommissioning, asbestos abatement, utility disconnects, demolition of the manufacturing plant and powerhouse, and onsite concrete crushing. 

The project produced over 30,000 tons of recyclable materials.

Archer Creek Foundry Demolition

Archer Creek Foundry, Lynchburg

Archer Creek Foundry Demolition

Adamo deployed equipment and a team of its seasoned demolition experts to Lynchburg, Virginia to complete the decommissioning and demolition of this 700,000 square foot foundry, a project on which we were able to recycle over 95% of the materials.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Ypsi Demo & Big Dig Project 093

Ford Motor Company – Automotive Component Holdings – Ypsilanti Demolition

Adamo demolished Building 1, the Powerhouse, the Oil House and decommissioned and removed fuel tanks at the former Automotive Component Holdings Ypsilanti Plant for Ford Land.  The project site is located on Ford Lake in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 

During the course of the demolition project, subsurface contamination was discovered which posed a threat to the adjacent waterway.  Over 50,000 cubic yards of contaminated concrete and soil were excavated and disposed of and engineering controls put in place to protect the surrounding environment.

Delphi Flint East

Delphi Flint East Complex Trestle

Delphi Flint East

Asset liquidation and sale, asbestos abatement, environmental clean-up, sewer re-lining and demolition of East Manufacturing Complex, including the Powerhouse, WWTP, pedestrian overpass and utility trestle over an active rail line.  This 2.2M square foot demolition project produced close to 60,000 tons of recyclable materials. 

With the property adjacent to the Flint River and the Owner under a governmental order concerning PCB contamination, strict safety guidelines were developed and successfully implemented during the project to prevent PCB migration to the adjacent waterway.

Severstal Slab Mill Demolition

Severstal Slab Mill

Severstal Slab Mill Demolition

Adamo performed the environmental decommissioning and demolition of the 200,000 square foot Slab Mill Building at Severstal North America’s Dearborn Facility.  The project also included outsourcing the re-routing of mechanical and electrical systems for the construction of the new slab mill. 

The scrap steel was recycled in-house by the Owner and nearly 2M tons of concrete was removed and shipped for recycling.

Daimler Chrysler Indianapolis Foundry Demolition

Dcx Fdry Overview

Daimler Chrysler Indianapolis Foundry Demolition

Asset sale, site decommissioning and demolition of 925,000 square foot Foundry Complex that included the removal of universal wastes and asbestos containing materials.

Adamo recycled over 25,000 tons of materials from the project.