Adamo Group and Michigan CAT Make Way For Progress

Adamo Group started with John T. Adamo Sr. tearing down a neglected home in Detroit 52 years ago using a single Caterpillar Machine. Since then Adamo Group has grown its fleet to over 90 CAT machines, plus many more attachments, to continue its industrial demolition work across the country. CAT highlights the residential and industrial demolition Adamo Group has done to make way for progress.

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Adamo Group implodes former AEP Muskingum Unit 5 Boiler

On August 6th 2016, Adamo Group completed an implosion at the 12 story unit 5 boiler building at the Muskingum River Power Plant near Beverly Ohio.

At the former AEP owned plant, Unit 5 was capable of generating 615.2 Megawatts of electricity during peak operation. One megawatt is capable of serving approximately 1,000 houses so this particular unit represented roughly power to over 600,000 customers. The plant was shuttered in 2015 as part of AEP’s plan to reduce carbon emissions and one of 11 coal plants AEP closed.

The felling of the boiler building in Unit 5 went as planned at exactly 8 AM on Saturday morning and without incident. Despite exhaustive abatement and remediation, a small flare from coal dust was expected to burn off within a few seconds and did. Adamo Group was assisted by Pettigrew, Inc. who placed and executed the charges.

The Adamo Group has been a leader in the demolition industry for over 50 years. Since 1964, dedication, commitment, knowledge and experience have been the cornerstones of every project for Adamo. If you would like to put Adamo to work for your business, please contact us at (313) 892-7330 or click the contact us link at the top of this page.

Adamo joins fight to deliver clean water in Flint

Adamo has joined in the efforts with various civic leaders, celebrities, and community activists to offer assistance to residents of Flint.  Adamo Group, led by President Richard Adamo, orchestrated a delivery of over 1200 bottles of clean drinking water to the Flint area Catholic charities for distribution to local residents.  Adamo Group has been a nationally recognized leader in the demolition industry for over 50 years and is proud to assist their community whenever possible.  “The health of our neighbors is a top priority,” adds Vicky Schultz, President and CEO of Catholic Charities. “I encourage those who wish to make contributions, or to help our efforts, to call the Center for Hope at 810-232-9950, ext. 325.”  More information on Catholic Charities water efforts can be found here:



Adamo Group implements new Safety Award Program

Adamo is pleased to celebrate the safe actions of their employees by implementing a new Safety Award Program. Personnel who are incident-free for each quarter of operation will be eligible to be selected as a recipient of the award. The exemplary record of Adamo Group is due directly to the individuals who further the culture of safety in all endeavors.

Adamo honored with Board Position at NDA

John T. Adamo, Chief Executive Officer of Adamo Group, proudly accepted the role of Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the National Demolition Association. John’s thirty years of dedication to efficient and environmentally responsible demolition makes him a great choice for continuing Leadership and progress in the industry.

Employee Appreciation Day

Earlier this year, Adamo celebrated their employee appreciation day by going to a Detroit Tigers Game at Comerica Park. Employees had a chance to enjoy a great afternoon of baseball, hotdogs, peanuts, camaraderie and even a welcome message from the Tigers on the game billboard.

Muskingum Bridge Removal

Adamo Group worked diligently today to remove the Muskingum Bridge with minimal interruption to pedestrian traffic. As a part of the Muskingum River coal-powered station project, the 105ft center section of the bridge was removed using a 172-ton capacity telescoping hydraulic crane. This midwestern power company belt line bridge was previously used to transport coal from the mine directly to the power station at a distance of 5 miles away. It took Adamo Group only 5 hours and about 60,000 lbs of pressure from the crane as well as multiple slings, counterweights and rigging to safely set down the bridge on the south side of the river away from pedestrian traffic.  All work was completed without any safety incidents.

Adamo Group Helps #SMAshSMA

Adamo Group teamed up with Carhartt to help #SMAshSMA on a BIG scale! Adamo provided professional demolition equipment for the completion of the #SMAshSMA challenge video which involved smashing the large toolbox built by the Parade Company. The #SMAshSMA challenge was started by Stephen Clark, of Channel 7 WXYZ, to help encourage awareness of Spinal Muscular Atrophy which is the leading genetic killer of babies. Individuals and companies alike are completing this challenge, as well as donating to to help children with this genetic disease.

Adamo Group completes work at Southeastern Utility Company

Adamo Group completed all work on schedule at a St Clair Power Plant today. Starting the project in late 2014, the work was done within the confines of a 6 unit operating station and all scope of work was completed in less than 8 months. The project was a turn-key operation for the removal of precipitator ductwork from elevations ranging from ground level to 160 ft. above ground. All work was successfully completed with no lost time injuries along with no OSHA recordable incidents.

Adamo Group has been a nationally recognized leader in the demolition industry for over 50 years. If you would like to put Adamo to work for your business, please use the contact us link at the top of the page.