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Employee Appreciation Day

Earlier this year, Adamo celebrated their employee appreciation day by going to a Detroit Tigers Game at Comerica Park. Employees had a chance to enjoy a great afternoon of baseball, hotdogs, peanuts, camaraderie and even a welcome message from the Tigers on the game billboard.

Muskingum Bridge Removal

Adamo Group worked diligently today to remove the Muskingum Bridge with minimal interruption to pedestrian traffic. As a part of the Muskingum River coal-powered station project, the 105ft center section of the bridge was removed using a 172-ton capacity telescoping hydraulic crane. This midwestern power company belt line bridge was previously used to transport coal… More

2015 World Demolition Awards Nomination

The World Demo Summit released the nominees for the 2015 World Demolition Awards, of which Adamo Group was named for the Urban Demolition Award. This nomination was due to Adamo Group’s effort in removing decaying and unsafe structures in the City of Detroit. World Demolition Awards Shortlist Announced

Adamo Group Helps #SMAshSMA

Adamo Group teamed up with Carhartt to help #SMAshSMA on a BIG scale! Adamo provided professional demolition equipment for the completion of the #SMAshSMA challenge video which involved smashing the large toolbox built by the Parade Company. The #SMAshSMA challenge was started by Stephen Clark, of Channel 7 WXYZ, to help encourage awareness of Spinal… More

Adamo Group completes work at Southeastern Utility Company

Adamo Group completed all work on schedule at a St Clair Power Plant today. Starting the project in late 2014, the work was done within the confines of a 6 unit operating station and all scope of work was completed in less than 8 months. The project was a turn-key operation for the removal of precipitator… More

Adamo Implodes Historic Park Ave Hotel

History is the chronicle of life-changing events. The strategic implosion of the long-abandoned Park Avenue Hotel on July 11, 2015 was a significant step in the ongoing growth and renewal of the City of Detroit. Just as the erection of this hotel tells part of Detroit’s storied history, its demolition will do the same.  … More

Adamo Receives NDA Environmental Excellence Award

Adamo has been a major part of the largest demolition effort funded by TARP Hardest Hit Funds. It was one of three contractors tasked with abating and demolishing up to 800 homes each in a short 90 day window in late summer of 2014. Adamo’s project was a success; in fact we completed our first… More

A Special Thanks From C&DR Magazine

Sometimes you can’t fully appreciate something unless you see it in person. That was certainly the case for the subject of the Demolition Supplement lead feature, “Determined in Detroit.” I’ve been hearing and reading about the blighted and abandoned housing situation in Detroit for years, but I didn’t fully appreciate what this city was going… More

Determined in Detroit - Adamo Featured in C&DR Magazine

To say that Detroit has had it tough over the last decade would be an understatement. Record population declines have left much of Detroit’s houses and other buildings abandoned. Residents have been cash-strapped, leaving little in tax revenue to support the city’s services, which led to the city in 2013 being the largest municipality in… More

Change Is in the Air at the NDA

Not everyone embraces change, but when the National Demolition Association (NDA) knew its long-time executive director, Mike Taylor, was retiring, its board members sprang into action. It was proactive. A selection committee was formed to explore the management options available for the 800-plus member organization representing the demolition industry. The committee was determined to find… More